• Empowering Schools

    As an advocate for digital empowerment and education, I am pleased to offer a series of specialized workshops for schools. Through these sessions, my aim is to provide educators and students with the insights and tools necessary for navigating and thriving in the emerging technology world. Each workshop is designed to foster understanding, creativity, and safe digital practices, ensuring a well-rounded approach to technology in education.

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    New Frontiers: Digital Citizenship and Safety in Emerging Technology  

    This workshop focuses on teaching students and educators the fundamentals of emerging technologies including VR, AR, XR, AI, Blockchain and Web3. Expanding to new considerations of responsible digital citizenship, 3D online safety, and privacy.


    Target Audience: Students (age-appropriate content), teachers, and parents.


    Duration: 2 hrs

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    Creative Learning with Emerging Technologies

    Explore the educational potential of emerging technologies such as VR/AR and the metaverse. This hands-on workshop can demonstrate how these technologies can be integrated into the classroom to enhance creativity, collaboration, and interactive learning.


    Target Audience: Educators, IT coordinators, and students.


    Duration: 3 hours

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    Empowering Women and Girls in Web3

    Aimed at inspiring and empowering young women and girls in emerging technology, this workshop would cover topics like overcoming gender stereotypes, technology facilitated gender based violence, empowerment in web3, and stories of successful women in the tech industry.


    Target Audience: Female students, educators, and school counselors.


    Duration: 2 hours