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Ep. 02: Repetition and Choreography with Andrea Peña and Noa Dolberg

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Repetition and Choreography with Andrea Peña and Noa Dolberg.

Episode 02:

For this episode of The Future of Dance, we are joined by Andrea Peña and Noa Dolberg to talk about the intersection of technology, movement, and the human body. The conversation covers some of the projects our guests have been working on, the role of dance and performance, the rise of machines in art and the ways in which these machines can be used to make progress. Andrea is a dance artist, choreographer, and artistic director and the focus of her work is the creation of performative spaces that are both critical and alternative. She has her own company, Andrea Peña and Artists, with which she has toured the world and won numerous awards. Apart from this, she is currently in the middle of her masters degree! Noa is a designer who is focussed on the creation of digital products for physical spaces. Her more recent work has centered on designing integrated experiences and enhancing spaces with cross-platform engagement, utilizing a variety of new and old technologies. Her commitment to creating meaningful and memorable work has lead to many fascinating and well-received results, which we get to hear all about! One of the big takeaways from today's chat is the incorporation of new technologies and systems to enhance but not overshadow and complicate the message and beauty of a piece of work. This ties into the influence that new tech has on any art form and how we can effectively use the freedom it offers. For this amazing conversation with two distinct yet connected minds, be sure to listen in with us!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Andrea's latest piece about the body's construction, that premiered in Montreal recently.

• An older project of Noa's involving sound, interaction and activation through the body.

• Feedback loops and the important role of the audience in the life of a work.

• Affordances and the disruption of dance; breaking away from the quantifiable self.

• Bringing body-intelligence to the surface and the correlation of the audio and the visual.

• The perspective of the computer and the simplification of our bodies into something else.

• The influence of new technologies on the body and creative work with the body.

• Exercising freedoms afforded by new technologies in art forms such as dance.

• Thoughtful use of new opportunities and the converging timelines of dance and tech.

• Looking forward to the future and our guests' work in the years to come!

“Once you introduce a new component into movement that puts the dancer and the viewer in the middle of a feedback loop.” — Noa Dolberg [0:08:27]

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“There are sometimes those situations in installation art that you can just create, that already gives a cue, that has that affordance baked into them for others to participate.” — Noa Dolberg [0:13:14]

“I think this kind of data is starting to shift my relationship with my body.” — Noa Dolberg [0:33:21]

“I don't think like I am interested in integrating technology into my choreographic pratice at a performative level, I feel like I am more of a purist in that way.” — Andrea Peña [0:45:29]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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