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Futurist/Technologist (Company Website)

Twitter: atgreenhill  

Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill is one of Canada's leading physicians in digital health innovation. She is currently the co-founder, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Careteam Technologies, an AI-enabled digital health platform with the mission to solve the fragmentation of health care and enable optimal health.

After having implemented health innovation at scale and practiced medicine in Quebec, Ontario and BC, she now leads and advises Canada's most innovative technology companies. She is the only Canadian to have received the Cartier's Women Initiative Award, supported by INSEAD and McKinsey and to serve as a mentor for the Obama Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley. Littlecodr, the game she invented to teach her kids the principles of coding, is now available in 32 countries and top 5 game on the Amazon STEM games list.

Dr. Greenhill has received many recognitions, including Startup Canada’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the CMA Joule Award, YWCA Woman of Distinction - Entrepreneurship, WXN’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, BIV Top 40 under 40 and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal of Service.


Artist, Performer, Choreographer, Artistic Director

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Winnipeg, she found a loophole which afforded her a slim chance of winning the crown for Miss Hong Kong 2003. Thinking she could secretly undermine the pageantry and it's fanfare of endorsements, the judges proved her wrong and were not interested.

Ming Hon is an independent dancer, choreographer, and performance artist based in Winnipeg. Her practice looks into themes of work, labour, capitalism, and the economy and politics of the cis female body. Her most recent works of note include 'Chase Scenes' presented in the award winning program of CanadaHub at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, ‘Filmed in front of a live studio audience’ for Video Pool, 'Forever in Blue Jeans' a commission from Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers/Prairie Dance Circuit (2014), 'Patricia: Qu’est-ce que c’est, “dégueulasse”? / What is a “scumbag”?' (Platform gallery), 'Only the Dead Wear Shoes to Bed / Hotel Room' commissioned by Synonym Art Consultation, 'The Exhibitionist', and 'Cleaver Piece'. Hon's works have been exhibited and performed both locally and internationally, including at The Taipei Artist's Village in Taiwan, as part of the National Art Gallery's Prairie Scene events in Ottawa, SummerWorks Performance Festival in Toronto, Surrey Art Gallery in B.C., Art Gallery of Mississauga, Latitude 53 in Edmonton, and at Plug In Institute for Contemporary Art in Winnipeg and more. She has been invited to present in London, England at RichMix this fall and will premiere a new full length work ‘Exciting Consequences’ commissioned by Prairie Theatre Exchange in 2020 as well as a new dance choreography for Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. Her practice has developed to include video and installation work and she regularly collaborates as a performer/collaborator on projects with visual artists such as Karen Asher, Rebecca Belmore, Sarah Anne Johnson, Noam Gonnick, Guy Maddin, and Rober Racine.

Key Points From This Episode:
• An introduction to Ming's work and what motivates her to create.
• Dr. Alexandra's excitement around the current landscape of digital healthcare.
• Concerns around privacy, artistic information sharing and 'performing data'.
• The shortsightedness of focussing on data only with regards to a person's health.
• How dance and the arts influence the data that science processes.
• Shifting assumptions and expectations through performance.
• The influence of the current media landscape on the future of expressive dance work.
• Tele-health and the future of virtual health care in Canada.
• How Ming and Alexandra view their position as women in their professions.
• Comparing the progress of the arts world with the medical community.

The questions we ask on this podcast:

How will the body be viewed?

How will we understand representation of the body in future human interaction?

How will dance be impacted in the future?

How can dance impact our future world for the better?

How can we bring dance into this conversation?

How can the knowledge of the dance community influence the formation of our future?