Creating opportunities to reveal and highlight the importance of movement in how we live, learn and relate to each other.


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    Nina Jane Patel, MA


    “Dance is not about learning steps, a style or technique. Dance is any movement the body chooses to make, a physical expression that words cannot express. For all human beings, dance is a way to learn and communicate. As babies we relate to our caregivers through movement and physical contact. As children we continue to learn through movement. All movement is dance; our physical connection to others and non-verbal communication - a life long dance with the world.”


    Nina is an advocate for dance, as an art-form, and its greater significance for our society. She is committed to creating opportunities to reveal and highlight the importance of dance (all movement and non-verbal communication) in how we live, learn and relate to each other. Nina holds a deep knowledge of artistic dance practices and practical know-how from management of companies and large scale projects.


    Nina has proven success within the arts + culture sector significantly impacting the organizations she works within. Nina has demonstrated strong leadership and advocacy for the arts throughout her career and this was recently recognized when she was selected for Banff Centre for Arts + Creativity’s inaugural Cultural Leadership Program and selected as a Leadership Fellow for the Business for the Arts CAS/21.



    As a Dance Movement Therapist, for over a decade, she trained and worked in London (UK) within the NHS, the British School System and Her Majesty’s Prisons. Nina has worked with a wide range of populations including; at risk youth, children with autism, behavioural and/or emotional issues, eating disorders and ADHD, as well as adults with mental health diagnoses, dementia, Alzheimer and long-term brain damage.

    Throughout her career, Nina has been passionate about dance and believes that dance has the power to change lives. Through her non-profit start-up Dance As You Are, www.danceasyouare.com she endeavours to connect dance artists across the globe who are changing lives through dance and develop further access to dance as a mode of self-expression for all.


    As an active Vancouver parent, with 4 children in the public school system, Nina is co-chair of the Henry Hudson Parent Advisory Council 2015-present.



  • Nico Can Dance!

    Creative Collaboration 

    Choreographer for Nico Can Dance.


    Airing BBC Kids & Knowledge Network.



    Dance As You Are

    Dance As You Are is a platform that connects Dance Artists with Community Organizations, where movement is a catalyst for change.

    Arts & Non-Profit Organization Management

    MascallDance provides a forum for research, creation, performance, education, documentation and dissemination of contemporary dance and related disciplines.

    Outreach + Education


    Creating opportunities for youth to connect with Ballet BC through movement & dance.


    The Lime Project Dance Company

    The company works on a project basis to create dance/theatre works, site specific works, digital dance and dance film and installation work.  LPDC offers performances, education, events and outreach projects.

    Dancer Transition Resource Centre

    Founded in 1985, the Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) is a national, charitable organization dedicated to helping dancers make necessary transitions into, within, and from professional performing careers. We also operate as a resource centre for the dance community and general public and support activities that improve the socioeconomic conditions of artists across the country.

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