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Ep. 09: Dance and Tech: The Fusion of Two Languages with Veronique Mackenzie and Stuart Anderson

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Today on the Future of Dance we welcome special guests, Veronique Mackenzie and Stuart Anderson. In this episode, we have a great conversation about the role of technology in their careers, the value of creativity, and how they see the world of dance and art progressing in the future. Veronique is an award-winning renaissance artist with a wide-ranging artistic practice. She works with her own collaborative collective, Motion Activated, creating multimedia performances, large projections, and data duets. She has worked across Canada as a dancer and painter, taking her creativity into the world of film and theater too. Stuart is a high-performance coach, leadership strategist and facilitator with loads of experience working with performers, athletes and organizations in a variety of disciplines. He has over 15 years of coaching experience, utilizing an array of tools and curricula in his workshops and training sessions. His particular interests lie in the tech, health and entertainment industries. In our conversation, we get a great glimpse into the minds of our guests and how they balance technological advancements with an inherent need to create. We talk about communication, limitations, tensions and more. Make sure to tune in for it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Veronique's quest for the marriage of dance and visual art.

  • Stuart's areas of interest in the performing arts as a high-performance coach.

  • Translating a passion and practice for art and music into an educational system.

  • Technology, dance, and transformation; growing comfortable in a virtual world.

  • Creative tension and the partnership of technology and more traditional human expression.

  • Considering the value of the body on the stage with no other elements.

  • The two languages and data duets; the powerful combination of dance and tech.

  • Limitations, achievements and the links between the physical and the mental.

  • Stuart's use of technology in his coaching work — layers of communication.

  • The possibilities of teaching dance over platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

  • Where to begin with enhancing and engaging the utility of technology in the dance space.

  • The beauty of the unknown and the realms that are still to be accessed.

“I have been dancing my whole life but always had the second interesting in visual art.” — Veronique Mackenzie [0:03:10]

“The creative process, almost irrespective of how we apply it is something that has long fascinated me.” — Stuart Anderson [0:04:32]

“I started noticed some really strong parallels between these different realms in terms of what a performer was going through.” — Stuart Anderson [0:06:16]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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