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Ep. 04: From VR, to Animation, to 360 Video and Beyond... with Dana Harvey and Rachel Franco

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Episode 04: Show Notes.

Today on the show we welcome Rachel Franco and Diana Harvey. Rachel Franco has a BA Honors in Dance from the University of Winnipeg and The School of Contemporary Dancers. With the rapid growth of today’s digital landscape, Rachel strives to bridge contemporary dance and technology through themes and ideas that both challenge and entertain audiences. Diana harnesses the power of strategic communications to increase the impact of leaders and profits of organizations around the world. Passionate about immersion technologies and how they can be used to improve our lives, Diana is known for her expertise in translating tech-speak into business marketing and consumer messages that everyone can understand. In this episode, we come together to discuss the influence of technology on dance and the future of the human body. We debate whether technology is making the body increasingly irrelevant, or whether it is going to extend and enhance the capabilities of our bodies in the future. Here, we discuss the representation of our bodies in various realities and some of the ways that merging movement with technology is connecting communities and bringing dance to a wider range of people and places. From VR, to animation, to 360 video, and beyond, here we imagine what the future of dance forms might look like and how immersive technologies may transform the way we connect with ourselves and others.

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Learn more about Diana’s interest in merging corporate communications with technology.

  • How Rachel’s background in movement capture led her to merging dance with technology.

  • The history of dance and technology and why they have always been in conversation.

  • How technology could affect the way we perceive our organic bodies in the future.

  • Animation interacting with the human body: Background of the Nico Can Dance! TV show.

  • How technology is allowing us to bring dance to people and places it has not reached before.

  • Translating dance-speak into the mainstream through the use of immersive technology.

  • Examples of how we can use technology as a force for good in the world today.

  • How we can embrace technology in order to tell the stories that need to be heard.

  • Learn more about the projects that Rachel and Diana are currently working on today.

  • Examples of how VR and 360 video experiences have been merged with dance.

  • Discover how technology has deepened Rachel’s connection with her own body.

  • Diana’s predictions on how society will view the body thirty years from now in 2050.

  • The various ways that the art form of dance is going to be impacted in the future.

  • How technology is allowing audiences to experience rather than observe dance.

“Dance and technology have already had a long-standing marriage. Without technology, we would still be dancing naked in the dark.” — Rachel Franco [0:10:13]

“I fear that, in the future, we’ll look at the body as something outdated that requires technology in order to function.” — Diana Harvey [0:13:33]

“I fear the possibility that we disconnect from our organic bodies in the search and desire for the latest and greatest.” — Diana Harvey [0:13:40]

“There is no right or wrong when it comes to creative movement. It’s really just about expressing yourself.” — Rachel Franco [0:21:23]

“I’m optimistic about how we can use technology to deepen our connection with our bodies.” — Diana Harvey [0:36:00]

“As technology gives us more ways to use our intelligence, we are going to need stronger reminders of our physical nature.” — Rachel Franco [0:39:00]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: