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What difference do you really make?

A questions for all arts organisations....


This is one of the most important questions you can ask of your work – and one of the hardest to answer.

While, as an organisational leader, you understand all too well the value of learning and participation programming, you also know that the work of measuring social impact and gathering the data, is not so easy.

But it can be done, and you need to get better at it if you are to offer evidence and accumulate data to prove the inherent value of the arts – which will be vital to protect and grow your relationship with your community.

In this short guide – we share practical advice to help you tackle one of the most pressing issues for the sector today.

Why have we produced it? To help you bridge the gap between theory and action, and to guide organisations to create strategic solutions for the future.

Whether you’re brand new to measurement or a bit further down the line, I promise you will find it useful.

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