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a contemporary dance exploration on life, love, loss and hope.

The Rachel Browne Theatre (venue #8) will erupt with urgent movement and sporadic dialogues that are at one moment energetic, and at the next tender. JURN.E will be riveting, unpredictable and acutely unfeigned.

For the premier presentation of The Lime Project Dance Company at The Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Artistic Director Nina Jane Patel investigates into the realm of human capacity to create a major work for the Company, affirming its position as a powerhouse of new Canadian choreography

JURN.E presents the world as seen through the eyes of 5 women travelling through time.The Lime Project’s highly trained dancers capture the ebb and flow of life in this reflective work in 17 movements as the women dance pushing their physical extremes and emotional limits testing the capacity for delving inside themselves.  

JURN.Eputs the process of discovery centre-stage, transporting the audience through a meditation on life, death, love, loss and a different kind of hope sparking the imagination and stimulating the creative mind.

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