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How Often Do You Move Your Body?

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live" - Jim Rohn

You probably know that dance is important to me.

But it's not just me...

In every culture and in every time period people have danced—to celebrate and to mourn, to entertain and to enlighten, to affirm the spirit and the body, and to create moments of beauty and transformation.

Temporal and fleeting, dance communicates powerful messages that resonate across language and cultural barriers. Reaching beyond words, dancers embody powerful messages about the central dramas of human life—be they spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, or political. In our current age—with its rapid technological advance, steady globalization, and growing embrace of consumerist culture— the dancing body, in its simplicity and purity, becomes an especially eloquent and potent channel of expression and communication.

Now, more than ever, you, the dancer, speaking through the instrument of the body, has a unique capacity to inspire and enlighten— as individuals and as local and global communities.

Find your dance. Fuel your soul.

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