Home Sweet Home.

This past New Years we set a big goal of moving back to England.

And we did it!

Way, way back in 2008 (11 years ago) we left England to move to Canada and arrived with Mackenzie, Issabella and Snickers, our dog. This new life started in Winnipeg with the support of Nina's parents Lesley and Adrian, then in 2013 we found new friends in Vancouver for the past six years, particularly at Henry Hudson Elementary.

These past 11 years have been epic and our family has grown from two kids to four. We’ve made many amazing friends who made our past 11 years truly memorable.

Now It’s time to return to London to re-connect with our family here. Neil's mum, brother and sister (with nine children between them) will now have a chance to build relationships before our kids head off to universities in less than ten years.

To our friends and family in Canada - it’s not a good bye as we will be back regularly. The kids will make an annual journey to spend time with Lesley and Adrian - their amazing grandparents, plus the one and only uncle James Battison and aunt Shannon. The kids will maintain their momentum with Give A Free Lunch working with Henry Hudson as their Vancouver school and parents that have adopted the program. Nina and Dance As You Are still continues to work closely with the Dance community in Vancouver. Neil's work with Kabuni will bring him to Vancouver often.

Come Visit!

After a week or two of stress, we have now found a beautiful home in Battersea. We would be so delighted to see you in our new London home, sweet, home.

Until then, you can always see our latest updates and blogs these ways:

Can't wait to stay connected.
We will endeavour to send family updates monthly.

With love and light,
Nina, Neil, Issabella, Mackenzie, Amelia and Kaeden

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