Ok guys. This is something I still find really hard to talk about but I'm sharing this for my daughters.

12 years ago I went into labour wayyyyyyy too early.

After a lot of intervention by a wonderful team of medical professionals, my baby girls were born at 27weeks (13 weeks too soon).

They had a 30% chance of survival.
And even less of a chance of surviving without any repercussions on their quality of life.

On April 3, they were born. They weighed less than 800 grams, were on CPAPs for the 1st two weeks, feeding tubes up their noses for 6 weeks, had spinal taps before they were even 1 week old, in incubators for 2.5 months and I could barely hold them they were so tiny.

For their 12th birthday, Issabella and Mackenzie would like all their birthday gifts to be donations to the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital they were born.

Any donation would help them achieve their goal and help other premature babies fight for their lives like they did.

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