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Does Dance Have an Impact?

I have to believe it does. Movement is our first language. Dance is the poetry of that language. From the day we are born we learn about ourselves through movement of our body in space, time and effort. Whether we acknowledge it or not, our bodies are speaking. If you choose to listen, truly listen, and I'm not talking about "going for a jog" or "going to cross-fit", not even doing yoga. I mean shifting your awareness internally, and allowing your body to speak. With no pre-conceived idea of what it should look like or restrictions of what's good or bad. Just let it be. You'll find something. Something you've long forgotten. Your first movement words. You, before you told yourself you aren't good enough.

The young woman in the picture above, found her dance. She may have many more dances within her, this was just one. But I remember the moment she realized she was dancing. Not dancing steps, but finding her own way to be. It was a remarkable moment. And one that I hope she remembers.

I am passionate about working with people who don't get to find their dance. Whether I am creating exciting new work with professional dancers (who equally have difficulty truly listening) or working in the community who have never experienced the joy of contemporary dance, at the core of my work is the belief that dance can transform lives.

“I hope that participants will be inspired. I hope that those who take part will learn something new about themselves and be excited to do something new, to take a risk and be brave in their lives.”- Nina Jane Patel

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