I recently spoke to young dancers at Danse Bloom's "Bloom Day" at Vancouver's Dance Centre.


Built on the foundation of our strong dance roots, we have curated a unique event for youth to come together and explore a diverse set of topics that co-exist within the dance realm.

You can expect an inspiring day filled with our exclusive workshops, speaker series, and the opportunity to dive into conversations around how other fields such as Technology, Education and Healthare closely tied to dance.

By cultivating an inclusive community for young dancers, we hope to create a safe space for dancers to connect and explore their passion for dance.


Danse Bloom believes that dance shapes identity. It is more than a passion, it is who you are.

We are a supportive dance community for young dancers to connect, learn, and inspire one another.

Through collaborations, we offer events and experiences for curious youth to come together and explore diverse perspectives of dance. We are devoted to creating a positive impact around us by engaging others in the community.

Learn more about Danse Bloom here

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