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Dance It Out.

We are busy people.
Life gets tough sometimes.

"Dancing it out" is a practice I turn to often. When I'm in my studio alone, I turn up my favourite tunes  and just move. It grounds me in my body. It shakes out the cobwebs and the worries and the distractions. It creates space inside me. It brings me back to me.

I also use this practice when I'm frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, and unsure of what to do. The music and movement push me out of my whirling thoughts and give me a break to just be one with the spirit within and around me. I suppose it sometimes can even be a spiritual practice for me.

When it comes to this work of using self-care and creativity to help us build a bridge between daily life and where we want to go, we need practices that keep us connected to what matters to us, practices that bring us back to center and keep us moving forward.

And "dancing it out" really can be a beautiful daily self-care practice. Something you do to fill up the well inside you each day to help you continue to come home to yourself even as you experience all that a day can hold.

Using this practice
Today, I want you to just take a few moments to think about how you could bring music into your current self-care practice. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Create a "dance it out" playlist. These might be songs to dance it out to or songs that feel like an old friend. 
  2. Try dancing it out (or singing it out) before you spend time journaling or creating or even before doing something that is going to be a challenge.
  3. Start your day with music if you don't already. Notice how it shifts your mood.
  4. If you don't usually write or create with music on, put some on and see how it affects the way you put your pen to the page.
  5. Turn on music and dance as you clean your kitchen.
  6. Invite someone to join you and dance it out together. This is exactly what my daughter and I are doing in the photo above. She was frustrated for a moment while playing at the beach so I came up with the idea of pretending we could hear music and we just started dancing. 
  7. Put aside a specific time each day to dance. Just like you might put aside time to read or go for a run. Set aside just a few minutes to dance to a couple of songs. Try this for two weeks, making note of how you feel before and after you dance each day.
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