In The Audience.....

HOTEL, Peacock Theatre

Ironically, the first show I saw upon my arrival to London was by Canada's Cirque Eloize.

Cirque Éloize is a Montreal-born contemporary circus company founded in 1993 by Daniel Cyr, Claudette Morin and Jeannot Painchaud. Julie Hamelin, because of her important contribution to the company, is also considered as one of the cofounders.

Cirque Éloize has carried out more than 5 000 performances in over 550 cities and 50 countries. Its repertoire is composed of 15 key shows, and it has performed in excess of 1 600 custom-made shows across the world. The company has reached more than 3 million spectators. The company has roughly a hundred employees spread between its headquarters, tour shows and special international events. And yet I had never heard of them.

Nevertheless, the production was well put together, and the audience was packed. The performers were agile, flawless and funny. The narrative was meek, and loosely connected one scene to the next. The most awkward "joke" was the with a rug, that we were meant to believe transformed into a pet, that the characters on the stage petted and coddled. The kids enjoyed it, and I will always enjoy anything that gets my kids giggling. They enjoyed it and as a result, so did I.

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