In 2017 and 2018, dance professional Nina Patel travelled from Vancouver to Banff and Montreal to attend cultural leadership sessions offered by the Banff Centre for Arts + Culture.

Learning to lead in dance

The Banff Centre's Cultural Leadership program gives arts professionals the tools they need to navigate Canada’s complex cultural sector. By attending it, Patel acquired new skills, networks and knowledge that will help her make a lasting impact on Vancouver’s dance community. She is now better equipped to help dance organizations respond to change and offer appealing, high-quality programming.

Sharing her passion and building connections

Patel is a passionate advocate of dance and its place in Canadian arts, culture and community. She’s also a champion of inclusivity and participation in dance for all Canadians. The Banff program helped her forge new connections with others who share her commitment, including Indigenous communities and non-profit organizations, supporting her ability to bring dance to the widest possible audience.

Publish date: Nov 14, 2018

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