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Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal

I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to see dance performances that I have always admired from a distance. Across the pond (as they say) - the beautiful of European contemporary dance has always been alluring, and I confess I am delighted to be able to see the work first hand, as well as meet some of the artists, producers and administrators who make the work happen.

It's ten years since Pina Bausch passed away. The unique mix of dance and visual theatre that Bausch developed with them over 36 astoundingly creative years is so distinct that the company considered long and hard how to continue.

In 2015 the company invited two choreographersto create new pieces for them. Norwegian choreographer Alan Lucien Oyen seems a logical choice since he works across genre – with dance, theatre, text and film. A meditation on death and the way we cope with loss, and thereby an indirectacknowledgement of the legacy left by Bausch’s sudden death.  Bon Voyage, Bob is a challenging piece, three hours in length, a whirl-wind of images, continuously rotating the set, from living room to kitchen, to lounge, to bedroom, paired with costume changes - reminds us of the chaos of life and death.

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