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Artist in Residency - 2012/2013

Young people at Knowles Centre, a group home for at-risk youths, had the opportunity to learn, rehearse and perform a contemporary dance.

The Lime(light) Project has been a 12 – week artist residency project at Knowles Centre. During the project young people at Knowles Centre have had the opportunity to learn, rehearse and perform a contemporary dance with professional dance artists.
Working together as a group using contemporary dance as a language to communicate and learn more about one another, we identified a concept that has significance to the group members and this became the basis for the choreography. The concept informed and inspired the choreographic choices, ultimately creating a dance work that is significant, relevant to the participants – becoming their dance and their message.
Knowles Centrewww.knowlescentre.caprovides professional services to children, youth and their families who are experiencing difficulties by helping them discover their strengths and fulfill their potential, through a variety of therapeutic and culturally sensitive programs. The vision of the Knowles Centre is that everyone receiving services through Knowles Centre leave with a greater capacity to meet the world.
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