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a site specific dance

a r r i v a l s & d e p a r t u r e s is Nina Jane Patel's new site specificcontemporary dance created for Winnipeg’s Union Station.

Set to an original score and featuring an explosive cast of performers, a r r i v a l s & d e p a r t u r e s, supported by The Winnipeg Arts Council and produced in association with Via Rail, is a turbulent mix of dance, music and visual theatre.

a r r i v a l s & d e p a r t u r e s exists in a world inspired by the ghosts of Union Station - vibrant,significant moments in life that have passed through the station resonate in a significant, undeniable way. The ghosts of history yearning to tell their stories.

The 5th Dancer

The inspiration behind a r r i v a l s & d e p a r t u r e s and the decision to create a site-specific dance at Winnipeg's Union Station is based on a desire to examine how dance can communicate a site’s historical, emotional, and social context to an audience; by creating relationships within the specific site. When a dance piece is conceived in relation to a particular place the location becomes as much a part of the performance as the dancer’s body. Brought out into the world, the dance can expand, engage with new audiences, and help reinvigorate a sense of communal space.

The Audience

The audience will be free to move through the rotunda during the dance, making a choice whether to stand or walk within the rotunda while the dancers perform. Each audience member will have a different experience. Inherently, the audience will become the train station pedestrian traffic that might have existed during the intensely personal and significant moments in time that once happened in Winnipeg’s Union Station.

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